We are pleased to Introduce.......

Please join us in the excitement of welcoming the oh so talented Holly Snyder to Lauren Fisher Photography!

Last year we knew we wanted to expand the newborn side of our business, but we just weren't quite sure how to do that. Fast forward to 2016 we decided to team up with Holly Snyder to create a newborn experience unlike any other. We loved her heart, her style, and her passion and we couldn't wait to offer our clients something so beautiful.

Holly had her own business, Holly Marie Photography, before joining forces with us at LFP and she has written a blog post to her current clients on her reasons for joining with us! Read below to get to know holly, see her heart, and see some of her amazing images!

Hear what Holly has to say....

"I am so excited that you are here reading this because there is some exciting news to share. ! Over the last several months Holly Marie Photography has been making some HUGE changes, exciting changes, that I’m ready to announce to you! !
First off... some back story !

*!* PSA Honesty and transparency being spoken in this blog post!

Holly Marie Photography officially started after the birth of my 3rd baby as an on location photographer as well as shooting studio sessions in my home studio. That was 3 years ago! I love photographing your growing families and have specialized in newborns over the last 2 years. This included taking numerous workshops and hands on courses on newborn safety, posing, and soothing. It’s been a wonderful journey and I’m excited to continue this learning and growing while photographing your family for you!

Since my start 3 years ago, our own family has grown by another little one. That brings us up to 4 kiddos and this house is getting full! With this growth in our family and the growth in my business I switched from a part time photography business to a full time photography business. This really was a dream come true for me. To do what I love doing each day!

Fast forward a little over a year and my littlest one is 16 months old and God is starting to do what he does best with me, whispering to me that he has something more. I really do appreciate a good whisper but would really prefer for God to speak loudly ;) So, I began a journey over the last several months of finding out what was stirring within me.
Over this time I did a lot of praying, reading, and talking with people who I really admire and respect. I began to realize a few things:

1)  I LOVE photography and feel strongly that it is an honor to provide such a service that helpsother mommas hold onto these days of “littles”

2)  My own littles were growing up ... quickly. And unfortunately I was starting to realize that while they were growing up, they were doing this behind me ... literally behind me, because I was so busy working on the computer at all hours of the day and night I was missing it all.

3)  God wants us to live life to the very fullest. This occurs through many seasons of life, and the way we’ll do this will look differently through each of those seasons!

So what to do with all of these feelings ... what to do with these realizations? Well....enter an amazing girl duo over at Lauren Fisher Photography!! Did you just picture girls in capes...?  Because I did. Lauren and her business partner, Anne, contacted me with the idea of possibly joining them and not only continuing photographing families and little ones but also specializing in Newborn photography and growing this side of their business with them. My mother always said that there are no coincidences, so over the last few months we have talked, shared, and began this process of me joining their amazing team!

It wasn’t a decision I made lightly. I did a lot of praying, and ultimately felt like the season I’m living in now is to be a great momma .. to be present in my little one’s lives (even my 13 year old HaHa!) and that I can continue to use my gift and love of photography in a way that allows me to be with them more by working with a team!

Joining the LFP team will allow me to do all of this. AND There's so much more because, well, these girls are FUN! We have fun every time we get together and I’m so excited to be involved!!

I could not have gotten to where I am today without my amazingly loyal and supportive clients. I am honored to have photographed your children and your families over the last 3 years and hope that you will continue to allow me to do this!"

Check out some of Holly's beautiful work!

Having baby fever? We thought so.....

To schedule a session with Holly please email us at Studio@laurenfisher.photography