Greenville Country Club Wedding: Lauren & Justin

You know when you’re so excited for something that you couldn’t sleep the night before? That was me the night before Lauren and Justin’s Wedding.I just couldn’t wait to photograph this fun loving, sweet, beautiful couple. Their wedding day exceeded all expectations of beauty and I can say with my whole heart I’ve never been to a wedding reception quite like theirs. 

Instead of having a DJ play their entire reception they decided to also have a guy with a guitar come play cover songs in between sets. The guitar guy also happen to be the one who was playing at the bar where they met down at Dewey Beach….. HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THAT?!?!

I’m sure most of you are like me and you’re picturing the reception to be more of a mellow relaxed reception. Well I was wrong. Oh so wrong. I was clearly unaware of how awesome one guy with one guitar could be. To my surprise he had EVERYONE dancing and Jamming along to EVERY single song!! I couldn’t believe it. Lauren and Justin clearly knew their friends and family! 

Lauren and Justin’s wedding day will always stand out in my mind and not just because of the dance party, but also because of their beautiful fun loving relationship! Oh and that sunset photo in the rain was pretty incredible too! 

Congrats guys! 

Photographed by: Lauren Fisher // Second Photographer: Holly Snyder // Venue: Greenville Country Club