Family Fall Session Lancaster - Dion

When I'm looking back on photos of my own family and through photos taken by photographers I admire, the images that make my heart skip are always the ones that portray genuine interaction within a family. I appreciate a photo where everyone is looking and smiling, I do really, but there is just something "time stopping" and "true" about an image of a family enjoying each other and not focusing on the camera. When Dad's go all out and make their little girls giggle and mommas snuggle or tell a funny joke... When a little hand genuinely holds onto a shoulder or cheek of a parent and sisters smooch without even being told <--- These moments are the ones that make the investment into photography so worth it because they will forever be cherished for years to come as life zooms on by. Truth. 

Now meet the Dion family because they were a hoot (yes, I said hoot!), and their interaction and love for each other combined with the amazing colors of fall was TOO fun to capture! It was a true pleasure Dion's, enjoy this peek!

- Holly