So this is us!!

When Anne and I (Lauren) first met in 5th grade, we never thought we would be owning a business together! Here we are though, years later, owning a business. After working together at another photography studio we realized how perfectly we work together. I get to focus on doing what I love, and Anne gets to focus on what she's good at. We also realized that we value family above anything else so we wanted to create a platform where we could do what we love, but also spend time with the people we love!

who are those other gals?

I'm glad you asked! We have several photographers available and ready to photograph your wedding, baby, or family!

Meet Lauren.
Lauren is one of the co-owners and photographers for us here at LFP. She’s been a wedding photographer since 2006, and says she loves weddings even more now than when she started. Lauren is best known for her flattering posing, her ability to make everyone feel beautiful, and her speedy skills at getting what needs to be photographed done quickly. What we love most about Lauren is her outgoing personality, her spontaneous spirit, and her loving heart. 

Meet Val. 
Val is our OG (original gangster - for those of you who may need to google that one). She’s our ride or die. She’s been with us since the very beginning in 2014, and we don't know what we'd do without her. Val is best known for her soft dreamy details, her natural posing, and her ability to find the best lighting in each location. What we love most about Val is her ability to crack us all up with her dry sense of humor, her sweet sweet soul, and her adventurous heart. 

Meet Holly. 
Holly has been a photographer since 2013, and in 2016 joined up with our team to photograph newborns and lead shoot weddings. Holly is best known for her attention to detail, her ability to find great light, her magic tricks with flash photography, and making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. What we love most about Holly is how you can spend hours talking with her, but it feels like minutes, her giving heart, and how she can keep track of her 4 kids’ schedules while making it look easy.

Meet Morgan. Morgan has been with our team since 2016 starting as an intern, moved to second shooting quickly, and has now started lead shooting weddings with us in 2018. She's our newest talent! She’s best known for her natural posing and ability to make everyone laugh in front of the camera. What we love most about Morgan are her funny jokes, caring heart, and sweet dance moves.

Meet Anne. 
Anne is the other co-owner of LFP. She takes care of the business and is the one who will be responding to all of your emails, questions, and will assist you with scheduling. Anne is known for her freakishly fast & super informative emailing skills, and around the office she’s known for being the master planner! What we love most about Anne is her generous heart, her planning skills, attention to detail, and her “all in” mentality.

Meet Raegan.

Raegan is our current intern and we are so excited to see her grow with us here at LFP.

what do we each do?

Well, Holly, Val, Morgan, and I do all the photography and take care of editing the images, and Anne basically does everything else.

Us photographers get to do all the fun stuff in the business and photograph fabulous weddings, tiny newborn babies, loving families, and all other portraits. I speak for all of us when I say, we love what we do, and feel completely blessed to do this for a living.

Anne does all the boring work.....Okay maybe that's just my right brain opinion, but really she is the woman that runs the show. She will be the person responding to your emails, scheduling your photo shoots with us, and she'll also be the one making sure you get the photos in your hands after everything is finished! She'll quickly become your favorite person with her quick emailing skills! 

We look forward to getting to know you and telling your story.